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hello, i'm randall sawka

a novelist, actor, screenwriter, playwright, artist, soon-to-be musician and songwriter, and singer. little wonder I sometimes look exhausted
Image by Andrew Neel
Rangeland Ruckus.jpg
rangeland ruckus and the baganti attack are on this amazing site called amazon.
more to come very soon!
Baganti Attack.jpg

sawka tv

click here to visit the

comedy antics of sawka tv.

i'm not kidding. do it.


yes, i act, not act up. please visit my actor page with a click on the not so little cameral below.

Image by Jakob Owens
painting has been part of my life for decades. true, that was acrylic eggshell in the living room.
now I've developed a passion for working with water colours and acrylic on canvas or paper.
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