Rangeland Ruckus

- Adored on both sides of the Atlantic  

- A fast-paced, action-packed ride!

Chet Mitchell left the mines in California to pursue a dream of raising cattle. He had his eye on a seemingly inaccessible valley near the town of Tanning. The problem was that Dave Tanning owned the town and most of the surrounding land. Indeed the whole family didn't take kindly to strangers ranching land they felt they owned. At first everyone laughed at the thought of someone thinking they could access the valley surrounded by mountains and enormous rock walls. Many had tried. Many had died. But jaws dropped and guns were fired when Mitchell unveiled his surprise. Dave Tanning always got his own way but now he had to face Mitchell, a man who knew how to use his head and his guns.


Baganti Attack.jpg

The Baganti Attack

An unusually large blip on the space ship’s sensors tweaked the passion for adventure and danger in Gillie Noddo and her three close friends. Shock gripped them as their relaxing space cruise became a battle to the death against a race considered a myth. Grotesque, ruthless Baganti commander Gorriz seethed at the damage caused to one of his three massive vessels by the Noddo ship. A veteran of three hundred years of destroying planets hardened his expectations on himself and everyone on his watch. Revenge drove him. How can a tiny, unarmed ship and a young, inexperienced crew hope to stop this race of creatures from destroying their home and all the inhabited planets in the area?